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Seriously, isn’t this the third time now you’ve done an AMA?

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How much propaganda you found was from a non right-wing source? I’m just genuinely curious as to which “side” is most at fault.

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I used the "Istandwith" site to see which party I most support and it ended up being Lib-Dem with Labour in second. The only major misgivings I have is that, like most political parties, you will push for "equality" by implementing quotas for Woman and Black/Asian people. I am strongly against this due to it being incredibly racist/sexist to give someone a job based on their skin colour/gender.

Basically, what is the Liberal Democrat's stance on issues of equality (put simply, SJW or anti-SJW) and how will they act based on that stance?

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Wow...uh...I feel bad for dunking on you now.


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Do you still stand by that comment you made about “not knowing what it’s like to be poor if you’re white”?

Gotta admit, that was a pretty messed up thing to say, IMO.