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The key is immediate response. The Great Cone Migration is sweeping across the globe and creating untold horror in our streets. If your city does not initiate an immediate and rapid containment program, you will be overrun.

In my region we have had good success with a widespread trap, sterilize, and release program. The male cones are given an injection that renders them and their offspring sterile. Within 3 generations, the cone population begins to die off. In areas with low risk of collateral damage, we have taken to employing the National Guard to gun down groups of cones from helicopters.

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They often are, but maybe not in the way you would think. Coordinated signal timing is very common when signalized intersections are within 1/4 mile or so of each other, but sometimes other factors take priority. Your travel direction may not be as important in reducing congestion as another approach, the signal timing might have been designed for one speed limit but the limit was changed and the timing wasn't updated for budget reasons, or the city council may have even decided not to let the DOT coordinate those signals so stop&go traffic would be encouraged to stop and shop at nearby businesses...

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Budget. More than likely they just can't afford enough buses to run all the routes at that frequency. It becomes a vicious cycle: transit sucks -> nobody wants to pay for bad transit -> transit has no budget -> transit sucks.

Electric and autonomous vehicles could be a blessing or a curse depending on how quickly we can jump onto the train and get a system in place. If we let Elon build it, the roads will be clogged with privately owned Teslas cruising empty to pick up their owner and drive them in individual comfort across town, oh and the owner doesn't want to pay for parking so he just has his empty car circle the town endlessly. It'd be like billions of taxis constantly clogging the roads.

If we get on it early and get it right, minibuses and other micro-mobility options could operate in small scale routes, providing last-mile service from homes to major transit stations.

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First rule of transportation, both as a designer and a user: People are Stupid.

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Oh, that was Roy. He really hates that Crystal Springs waterpark.