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You can't trick me into giving away the best answers for our supplemental application.

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Stannis the Mannis

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I've never known a Rochester student who couldn't get a job. I'm happier to say most of them have enough confidence to look for and ultimately get really good jobs--the kind they like doing rather than just those that pay the bills. Rochester isn't a household name but (as it turns out) most colleges aren't. Our reputation has grown over 10 years mostly through word-of-mouth, which is sustainable, rather than one-time media buys.

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One of my favorite applicants of all time is now my regional director in New York City. He distinguished himself as an inventive leader on paper, including staging a protest walkout at his public school in Portland. When we met for his interview he talked about it with a sense of humor. Challenging the status quo and demonstrating humor both go a long way with me.

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You're most welcome! See you in about 2 weeks!