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Oh wow! We actually we never played this, but it looks very helpful for our game! We just shared it within our dev chat. We will be ordering a copy and dusting off Shun's ps2!

Thank you for the suggestion!

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We have estimated for June 2020, and it will be available via Steam :smiley:

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Naoya will be answering your questions:

  1. I am in regular contact with the producer, Tutsumi-san who is also Yoshinari-san's wife. She checks in with him for things that we really need his input on.
  2. We can't say too much, but we can say that we approached Trigger for their permission to create this game.
  3. They are helping us with the game and there will be new dialogue specifically recorded for our game!
  4. Thank you /u/Sonic71360 for your answer!
  5. The major update for Be The Hero is almost done, and we are trying to put in finishing touches while our entire team works on LWA as well. We will definitely finish it and push the update out by the end of the year so please bare with us!
  6. We made this kickstarter as a way for fans of LWA to provide support in improving the quality of this game, so the KS goal isn't for the entire project from start to finish. We wanted to do the AMA earlier, but we were quite busy putting together the demo for Anime Expo and various events in Tokyo.
  7. We found that "EXPVR" was a bit difficult for some Japanese people to read. Also, our dream is to create a VR universe, so we literally made that our company name!

And lastly, the whole UNIVRS team loves and respects Little Witch Academia and decided to work on this title because we all wanted to meet Akko and her gang. We also have Trigger's help and blessing, so we believe that we will be able to make a great game!

As Chariot says, "Shinjiru kokoro ga anata no mahou" and that is our mantra. :)

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Thank you for the questions! Please allow us a few minutes while we translate your questions and response! (*>人<)

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Keigo: I believed the VR world would be shaped by the first creators, and I really wanted to contribute to help make it life changing! But it was a scary decision, and I couldn't have done it alone so I'm grateful I had my little brother with me all the way!