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Concerning that a person involved in politics isn't aware of this. I'm sure the Nazis in Dresden are well aware of it though, you should probably start paying attention to them. Anyway..




Other incidents

Throughout Germany, similar cases repeatedly cause horror. In September 2018, an 18-year-old man pushed a 43-year-old on the train tracks in Cologne following a dispute, yet the victim did not sustain any injuries. The video captured by a surveillance camera showed the shocking crime.

In 2016, a 20-year-old woman died in Berlin after she was pushed in front of an oncoming U-Bahn train by a stranger in another tragic incident.

Also in Berlin in March 2019, an unknown perpetrator bumped into a 34-year-old man, pushing him into the track. In the process, the victim broke his neck vertebra.

Yet before the perpetrator fled, he pulled the victim back onto the platform.

To prevent future similar incidents, Berlin security expert Michael Kurs advised U-Bahn and S-Bahn commuters to “stay at least two metres away from the platform” and also to avoid distractions, such as looking at a mobile phone, as a train arrives.

“It’s also good to stand against a wall,” Kurs told BILD, “so that no one can stand behind you.”

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You say you've been bullied, what's the worst thing you have ever been called on the internet?

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What do you think about the 1 year old baby that was beheaded and his mother stabbed to death, again... At a train station, and you governments attempts to cover the executions up?

Is this the German way? Ignore what's going on, issue reporting restrictions and accuse people who aren't so willing to ignore it as far right and "fear mongering".

Anyway, don't respond, your opinion is irrelevant to me.

I wish the far right good luck in your country, it must be difficult living with such arrogant delusional fools such as your self.

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The ones you're posting here do not prove your statement that Germans are being executed by migrants every other week.

Hahaha what a pathetic response, "it's not an issue because it's not every other week like you said"... I'm sure you'll win the voters over with that one 🤡🌍

Whereas on the other hand we do have a rise of far-right crime this year, which is also very likely often not isolated but organized (see here for example - https://www.dw.com/en/germany-far-right-offenses-rise-in-2019/a-50025070), with at least two (high profile) murders this year.

Again, Ignore the problem and focus on the symptoms.

What do you think of this girl's opinion?

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And exactly this is why the "talk with them" approach won't work. A point made is useless against a stubborn with a hammer.

Like a glass bottle to a German's head?