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don't forget the macro king videos

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for a home network monitoring what your kids are doing i think it's ok. Spying on relatives/rommates i think is wrong.

It can be ok on a company network, but the policy should be clear to people. I worked for an insurance brokerage and we did it because it was the easiest way to block certain social media sites to all users on the network on a case-by-case basis depending on their role. The policy was 'whatever computer you decide to work with, if you're using our network you're working'. We had a public network people could connect to and browse the internet without the monitoring or restriction, but the sites we used for certain aspects of work had blacklisted it on our request (so people couldnt do work on the same network they could use social media on).

Absolutely against it at the ISP/Gov level though

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And decent drug education and research.

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How much are you looking forward to doing one about the UK shortly after this brexit fiasco ends?

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Do you ever get called Baboushka?