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Come for the puerile nutsack joke, stay for the progressive discussion of drug policy and combatting social prejudice.

Everyone's a winner.

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To be fair, I was reading articles about medicinal marijuana usage the other day and after googling "marijuana depression" one of the top 3 results was a Daily Mail article discussing its medicinal benefits... Even if it did have "MARIJUANA USAGE STUNTS DEVELOPMENT IN TEENAGERS" plastered across about half-way down, but that is an important point. To be honest I was just pleasantly surprised it didn't say "LOOKING AT A MARIJUANA KILLS ALL CHILDREN DEAD".

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Hi Damien, regarding your rangers, how do you normally recruit volunteers and what can you tell us about the training programme?

Other than funds, what are the biggest obstacles you're having to face and is there anything more the international community can do to offer help & support?

Incredible job you're doing mate, keep up the good work.

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Is it policy, precedent or just Clegg that puts you off voting for the Lib Dems?

Just curious as a frustrated and somewhat disillusioned Lib Dem supporter feeling the same way.

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I'm terribly sorry for your loss. Now that you mention it though, that does sound like it may have been one of the related articles.

At least we can take solace in the knowledge that in matters of being consumed, it is far better to be eaten dead than eaten alive.