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UAVTarik47 karma

How does a company like this move from a project, to actually doing deliveries and working with governments? I imagine making the actual basic delivery is the easy part (not to take away from the amazing work you guys have done with route planning, the redundancy, how you can assemble everything with just a Phillips screwdriver, the consistency of the system is so impressive), but how do you move that to working with governments, different companies, and actually start making a difference in the world? As an engineer I'd love to do all these things but at the end of the day a project is just a project, the business strategy, development and overall relationships you have to build is still a very gray area for me.

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I guess my question was more about how do you get, in your example, the government of rwanda to be your partner. Is it just connections and talking with people until you can get a ball rolling somewhere?

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Makes sense honestly. You guys have been inspiring me since high school, it's been great to see you grow and I hope to see zipline all around the globe one day. Cheers!

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"move fast, take bets on technology"

step up FAA