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TyroneSlothropPaper132 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA. I'm a tremendous fan of Looking Glass productions (Thief and System Shock in particular) and the games which follow in their tradition such as Deus Ex and the FPS-RPG genre more broadly. It's truly wonderful to be a in time where this genre and indeed, some of the same franchises are experiencing a renaissance and I thank you for what looks, and I hope, to be a stunning addition to this heritage.

I do have a few questions about Dishonored:

Firstly, much has been made of the superlative visual design of Dishonored but relatively nothing has been said of the soundtrack, what can we expect of it? Is it orchestrated or more synth-based? Persistent or triggered at certain moments? And what is the philosophy behind the sound design on Dishonored?

Secondly, The Life of the Party in Thief II remains, to my mind, one of the greatest achievements in level design in terms of scope and freedom, whilst it's apparent that Dishonored features dense and open level design, is there any map that has a comparable size or variety?

Thirdly, how much reactivity is there to player agency, outside of the discussed 'Chaos' system, for instance, in the Golden Cat walkthrough video, if you do make an assassination look like 'an accident' (windblasting someone out of a balcony unseen), will it be regarded as such in terms of narrative or NPC feedback?

Fourthly, outside of Dishonored, what upcoming games are you both excited or would like to know more about?

Thank you again for your time and I can't wait until October, just, Harvey, please... don't break my heart again, I just can't take it after Invisible War ;_;