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If the Hong Kong government is open to negotiating with the protestors, who should lead the negotiations? There’s a lot of reporting that the protests don’t have a leader.

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It seems like the algorithm is working just as intended by recommending videos that people are either interested in, or YouTube thinks people are interested in. Wouldn't the algorithms ability to recommend such content be more indicative of YouTube's policies in dealing with such content? Its possible that YouTube can design an algorithm that does not recommend such content that highly, but wouldn't there will be accusations of bias?

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One of the biggest arguments Republicans use in opposing net neutrality laws is how there’s loads of regulations out there. So my question would be whether the principles of net neutrality can happen in a free market where different ISPs get to compete for customers?

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Would Facebook's pivot away from the news feed to more private forms of communication such as Messenger mean the need for moderation will decrease?

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The Sunrise Movement has been concrete in terms of the economic goals they want to achieve, universal healthcare, free college etc. But what do they want exactly in terms of climate policy? They were quite receptive to Inslee’s policy but not Biden’s or Beto’s.