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Pretty much every company I can think of has some major scandle, but when I think of the AriZona brand nothing comes to mind. How has your company avoided the unethical practices of companies like Nestle or Coke while still being a household name and turning a profit all these years?

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And it's okay to say it like she did. You don't have a monopoly on truth, especially speaking to the person it happened to. She's tired of being a victim. Stop trying to make her one for the rest of her life. It's disgusting, especially because you think you're doing a good thing.

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I worked one of these right out of college! It's what got me out of the field of psychology and deeply regret my choice of education.

You pro restraint or an anti restraint facility?

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No shit, a mistake and a crime are not mutually exclusive. In fact, I'd wager most crimes that are committed fall into that category. She's done with that. Save your indignation for the LA justice system that ruthlessly exploited her far longer than Polanski. Since, you know, that's what the actual person this happened to wants.

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Eritrea is literally the worst country in the world and the only country on the same level of oppression is North Korea. So it really sounds like you don’t know a fucking thing.