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Do you get any royalties out of any movie/game/comic containing your amazing, timeless designs?

Thanks for the memories.

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Yeah, she could use those carbs and sugar for sure.

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Hi Sean. Do you think the situation has changed a lot since you published your first eBook, or do you feel like if you had made that bet today you could get to achieve the same popularity even nowadays?

Did you have a job beforehand that you quit for this? Are actually filthy rich, or just able to live off it?

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That's very interesting and kind of what I expected, thanks for sharing the numbers!

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As a software engineer that'd love to make it a career, I can relate! Thanks for the extensive response.

I'm not filthy rich. Do you want the actual numbers? I'd have to go double check. But it's enough for two of us to live on (Dan and I split everything).

Yeah, I'd love to if you're fine with it.