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Hey Adam! Thanks for your time. As a leader with history as a progressive activist, how much of our current material circumstances would you attribute to capitalism? Not “crony-capitalism”, but the way that capitalism itself functions and how it necessarily expropriates wealth from the working class.

Do you really believe we’re able to bring about climate justice, racial equality and economic prosperity to the working class people while still operating under a capitalist system? Even one with strong regulations?

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Would you suggest nuclear over renewables right now despite the inevitable setbacks, huge costs, long development time and dangerous risks tied to nuclear?

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Yep, Marxist here. I guess my main contention is that it won’t be possible to address the climate problem while still under capitalism, as there is no way we can prevent these oligarchs from destroying the planet while continuing a system that they almost exclusively benefit from.

Regardless thank you for your time Adam. Glad to have an activist at the helm.

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Democracy shouldn’t be outsourced to Facebook polls.

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Socialism is an umbrella term but it’s most specifically referred to (by people who know what it is) as the workers owning the means of production/dictatorship of the proletariat/workers state.

Greens are SocDems and maybe I’m being a purist here, but I don’t think that counts as Socialism.