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As someone who just got done with STEP 1, any scheme to get out of taking them is a good scheme

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The MCAT studying world has changed a ton since I took the exam (there was no UWorld and nobody used Anki back then) so I can’t really speak to what impact that would have. I used Khan a little but I would’ve done perfectly fine without it, there were a ton of resources out there when I took it and even more now.

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Mr. Kelly, I've been following your time on the ISS for quite some time now through social media and I have to applaud you for taking the time to post pictures and engage with those of us down here on Earth.

That being said, I would like to know what your thoughts about returning to Earth are as your mission enters the home stretch. I'm sure you're looking forward to being with your family again, but are you looking forward to returning to the life of a normal civilian or would you rather stay in space surrounded by some of the biggest technological accomplishments ever achieved by man?

Thanks again for doing this!

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So this morning I went a little hard with a washcloth in the shower and now I have a pink spot on my face where I presume I peeled the upper level of skin off. What is the best way to make sure I don't get a noticeable scar?