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I've recently seen a lot of people on twitter and Facebook still circulating the WSJ article claiming Bernie Sanders' agenda would cost 18 trillion dollars. This makes me worried on a larger level of peoples lack of critical thinking and analysis of content from the media.

My question: What do you think is the biggest problem right now for legitimate news and how do we help hold major news corporations accountable for what they write?

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What did you think of the concept of "fighting cancer" or "battling cancer"? How did it positively or negative affect your experience of having cancer?

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Dr. Doblin,

I, as I am sure many other do as well, thank you for all you are doing to push the conversation and science surrounding psychedelics forward. I have a few questions:

1) Many people who aren't actively interested or involved in discussion over the possible uses and science surrounding psychedelics often view it as dangerous, immoral, or simply have an overwhelmingly negative connotation of these substances. What would you suggest the average redditor say when these kind of conversations come up at the family dinner table or during the holidays?

2) How do you personally see the relationship between the user of some of these chemicals, the possible spiritual side as well as the neurochemical and psychological impact? I personally look at the spiritual side as real and important but imagine that something so intangible would be hard to convince the scientific community of.