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What is your opinion on the racial tension caused by the case?

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Same thing here, I'm a freshman at a Catholic high school and my theology teacher shows all of them to us. I can guarentee nothing gets a bunch of 15 year olds to remember facts about Leviticus like a lego camel doing and lego girl. In all seriousness I really respect how you try and portray the Bible for what it really is, a story that we are to pull messages and not taken too literally. I wish that more atheists were like you, and tried to understand and think about what religion is to others. I also wish that more religous people would take one huge chill pill and relax about things like this. Anyways, huge props to you and thanks for making F period theology 10x better!

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Wavy! How often do you stay in touch with the boys? Any chance of a fiftieth tour with you at the helm? How's Bobby doing? Thanks so much for doing this

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Actually, yes. Contrary to popular belief, most Catholics today and Christians in general are a lot more relaxed about religion. I know this doesn't fit into the great stereotype of Bible banging dinosaur denying theists, but it really is true. I mean, holy shit. There is not a single person in my high school or parish who denies evolution. Modern beliefs are just to incorporate them into science.