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You are allocated a time slot in the shower, and the flight attendant comes to get you and let you in. They won't let two people in. You have 5 minutes of water, then it switches off.

Edit: Here's the shower: http://i.imgur.com/IWdmynU.jpg

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What's "You wrecked my house, you foreign cunt?" in Pashto?

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They aren't really. Yes, they have doors the passenger can close. But they are open at the top, so you can hear what's going on. And cabin crew could peek over the top if something seems wrong. If they are worried about safety, they can also open the doors.

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That picture does not show Emirates suites. Looks like Singapore to me. You can't lower the middle divider on EK, and their suites are open at the top.

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If you ask a crew member from an airline that does a lot of long-haul (which means the crew has lay-overs), you'll get a very different answer.