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Do snitches truly get stitches?

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Did you ever bang a stripper from Oklahoma named Lee Anne. There was a rumor you did and if so we are totally tunnel buddies!

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I think that's the only correct solution. :D

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Thank you. I have done 5 rounds of p90x in the last few years and I always have questions that pop up in my mind while working out.

-What is tony like in real life?

-How long does it take to film a workout? Did they have to do the same move multiple times to get a good take?

-How much help did the first trial group get in dieting and exercise? Like did they make eat specific meals, supplements etc. and did you exercise with tony everyday?

-Any good stories about the other workout people?

-Did you get any royalties?

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How many redditors in this thread do you think are chinese spies? btw i never knew about your book. I am going to purchase it now.