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Turangaliila28 karma

Yea, it's never going to work when gamers are constantly calling for more transparency but then start shrieking when a game doesn't look as good as it did last year or took out a feature that didn't work.

Either you're okay with things changing or you don't hear about a game until it's close to launch. You can't have it both ways.

Turangaliila3 karma

Hi David! A question that's really been weighing on me the past year or so is:

How do you stay positive or stable when confronted with all of this?

I constantly find myself reading a particular report, study, or factoid and just feeling a spiral of depression and anxiety that can last anywhere from a night to a few days. I just constantly feel like the climate is getting worse and there's so little I can do on a personal level and it really stresses me out.

How do you and other people who study CC for a living avoid this?