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TupacLovesElvis2 karma

I'm thinking about going back to cash game grinding at The Commerce. What are your tips on how to maintain focus and motivation during long daily sessions?

I'm a fan. You're engaging and fun as fuck, and I appreciate all that you've done for the game. oh yeah, people regularly say i look like you, so there's that too i guess.

TupacLovesElvis2 karma

Hi Alex,

I saw 'Ex Machina' yesterday and I thought it was incredible. I thought virtually every aspect of the film was flawless, even the parts you don't explicitly explain (like why Nathan drinks so much) I really hope more people get to see it because it deserves attention.

Gotta ask a couple questions so here goes:

Do you agree with me that Ava is amoral as opposed to immoral? Also, why DOES Nathan drink so much?

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Thanks for replying. Wow, now I have even more food for thought...