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Tuna_Bluefin35 karma

If the purpose is to produce higher calibre players, why bother sending them to a university at all? Surely they'd be better off scrimming and practicing full-time, with all the money saved on tuition fees going to them as a salary?

What's the point of inter-college competitions when there are already established esport leagues that range from amateur to professional?

97% of kids might well play videogames, but you know this number includes mobile games which, for the most part, barely count as videogames to begin with.

To be honest the whole concept of (e)sport-based scholarships is a bit shady. I'm not sure why dedicating your teenage years to one sport/videogame makes you more deserving of a place on an academic course? Couldn't you just use all that money on actually intelligent people who can't afford to go to university, regardless of their ability to quickscope or swing a baseball bat?

Tuna_Bluefin12 karma

I don't really understand why an esports player would be less deserving of a scholarship than anyone else. Esports athletes are often great students who are deeply involved in their courses... Esports can just be a positive way to channel an existing passion/skill.

I never said they're less deserving of places, but if it came to a choice between two similar candidates, how the hell is their videogame of choice a factor? It seems discriminatory against non-esports gamers.

I think I fundamentally misunderstand the hype around university sports in America, so sorry if I just don't get it. Props to you for boosting gaming's legitimacy in universities, though! I'm gonna be so jealous of my kids playing Smash Bros in PE class :)