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Do you worry about explaining robots and AI to the mainstream in an accurate but easy-to-understand way?

For example, saying robots "feel" pain can give a lot of people the wrong idea, which might have legislative effects going forward.

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I have a somewhat turbulent question.

What is your opinion on journalists calling blatantly false claims "falsehoods" instead of lies? Do you think it undermines the maliciousness of some politicians by being too charitable towards them? Is it a problem for journalists trying to strike that balance between being honest, objective, and non-partisan? Curious what you think.


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Is it your place to present the information in a biased way though? Why not leave it up to the listeners to form their own conclusions free from a biased intonation?

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How do you teach someone who's an adult? Or even convince them that they need to be taught critical thinking skills without being condescending and turning them away?