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Lol if you weren't gay, I would write to you! We have 95% match

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Well she doesn't necessarily insist but she guilts a lot and she buys me lots and lots of 'gifts' and then complains if I don't wear them and gets insulted if she notices them in a donation bag or something.

Yah right now I live in an apartment in a house my parents own (they rent a bunch of places) and they basically use it as a storage space as well. The only things I officially own are the desk, filing cabinet and one small bookcase. I can't move any of the furniture out... I have rearranged it as best I can and put some of it in an extra closet to declutter my living space but it is still really frustrating. Nothing matches and a lot of it is not very functional.

I hope you are right that when I move I can do thing my way.

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Hi Marie, I just read your book and I found it very interesting. What I struggle with is that if I discarded all the things that do not bring me joy, I would honestly have very little left. As a poor student all my furniture is old hand me downs, my mom keeps buying me clothes that I hate and yet I can't afford to replace and since I am going into graduate school I have to keep most of my textbooks. Do you have any advice on what to do in this situation??


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Thanks! I shall try to stand up for myself!

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Hi Vanny. Thanks for doing this AMA. I was in Cambodia a year ago and I had a great time. However, I was wondering, what do the locals think of tourists? While staying in the little resort and touring Angkor Wat, it felt like a pretty normal trip. But when I was outside of that it was really different. There was so much poverty and I felt very helpless. Locals were telling me about their children dying of cholera and I felt like a pompous fat tourist there to take pictures and leave. Is there any way I can help even though I am just a basic college student?