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Your work looks amazing and I'll have a gander as soon as I can, but would you ever want to do a 'History of psuedoscience'? If you could get Spirit Science in there then I think that'd be great.

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In my opinion there is no better way to do that than to debunk what is arguably one fo the biggest threats to scientific endeavour that exists in modern times. Not to sound like a clickbait article or anything, but this will absolutely blow your mind.

If I was to give another example that's similar it would be 'Ancient Alien theory' (Which is something that spirit science actually use a lot themselves), the rejection of established anthropolgical explainations in favour of claiming aliens built civilization and all this sort of thing.

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Really great idea.

I'd absolutely do this during the summer over here in the UK!

How could I get started and, despite the differences geographically, what would be a crucial few tips that you wish you'd have known before setting off? Save me some annoyance and all that :)

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Hey, man. Just checked out some of your stuff so I'm totally new to it.

Do you have any music tech experience or sort of musical training of any sort?

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Well I'm fully aware of fair use laws and have a good knowledge from having to counter around 30 unjustly prompted claims etc in the past year or so and so I can say that this lack of knowledge is a problem, but also is a notion abused by these MCNs, licensers etc.