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I'm sorry, but did it ever occur to you that maybe she was lying about being a virgin?

While your story on the surface is plausible, the likelihood that a female bartender who presumably was quite good looking would be a virgin is low; but more significantly, if she was a bartender virgin, it seems unlikely that after working as a bartender and seeing stupid drunk hookups she would still be so naive as to tell a stranger she's a virgin at a bar and lose it that way. More likely, she knows it's a drunk guy's fantasy to take a girl's virginity, and used that to get laid.

For more info, see The Wedding Crashers.

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What was the original video and who is that douche?

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For Dr. Lessig:

Prior to your founding of MAYDAY.us, you participated actively in Americans Elect, an alleged effort to offer a third "independent" Presidential candidate. However, many soon noted that Americans Elect was actually a front backed my hedge funds with anonymous secret donors who seemed to have other intentions. One commentator noted that the list of Americans Elect organizers "suggest the group will promote a kind of pro-establishment, 'why can’t we just all get along by agreeing to dismantle Social Security'-style centrism." Frankly, this theory makes sense, as many hedge funds very much want to privatize social security to expand the available capital for their investments (although doing so would defeat the whole purpose of Social Security, as it's supposed to be a benefit that provides stability in retirement entirely independent of market performance).

You later defended Americans Elect's donor secrecy in a tumblr post. However, Buzzfeed then later reported that many donations ended up repaying the millionaire donors after it became clear their efforts were not going to succeed.

Given this previous association, why should any of us trust you with our money in the MAYDAY PAC? How do we know that you and MAYDAY's primary backers don't have some ulterior motives, such as privatizing social security, or that the money will just end up in some Wall Street tycoon's slush fund?

(Note: To be clear, I am asking this as a genuine concern. I like the idea of MAYDAY PAC--I'm just unsure if I can trust your administering it...hanging out with an allegedly-reformed Jack Abramoff doesn't offer me much confidence, either.)

edited because I got my PACs confused...too many of them, goddamnit!

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Thank you for the assurance, and I apologize for confusing PACs--probably proof that there's too many of them. However, words are just words.

What practical steps are you taking to be fully transparent, then?

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Thanks, Obama! Although it isn't helping Tony here much...