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I am scared now, this is the second. "It happens to tall skinny males" post. I scared because I am tall skinny male.

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I am a software engineer intern and I feel like software engineers burn out around 35 or so (I have 25 coworkers and none are older than 35) then pursue other opportunities. So good on you, I have always enjoyed creating things so I think I have found my initial calling. I really enjoy your hexagon artwork and truly plan on purchasing one once I have more financial freedom.

Anyway, your whole situation is very interesting and reassuring. I hope I don't burn out but I hope that if I do I can follow in your footsteps and pursue a passion aftwords.

Best of luck.

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Do you stay active or do you just reddit and game all the time?

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So when you forget something is there just a gap between what you remember doing last to present time or does your brain create something to fill the gap?