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It's not SOP to crash planes into targets.

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The most pressing question in this thread

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You consistently go out of your way to paint banker-bound Ivy Leaguers as victims. Why?

Here's what I'm referring to:

Direct quote from one of your articles. Source.

What Wall Street figured out is that colleges are producing a large number of very smart, completely confused graduates. Kids who have ample mental horsepower, incredible work ethics and no idea what to do next. So the finance industry takes advantage of that confusion, attracting students who never intended to work in finance but don’t have any better ideas about where to go.

So they're brilliant amazing hard workers who aren't smart enough to figure out meaningful and rewarding careers?

I don't get it. Why does this argument need to be made. Why are you making it? Why not just the lemming trial to $$$ and call it for what it is? (That is, profit-seeking behavior.)

Another one from two years ago.

The impression of the Ivy-to-Wall Street pipeline is that it’s all about the money. You’re saying that it’s actually more that Wall Street has constructed a very intelligent recruiting program that speaks to the anxieties of the students and makes them an offer that there’s almost no reason to refuse.

The phrasing on this is just really odd.

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Now that you've chased what it means to be family to almost the absurd - has it changed how you perceive family? Like, are you numb to the concept now?

(Like, exposure to poverty or shock-value journalism diminishes our capacity to react).

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What's next in terms of telling this story? Have you sold the movie rights or anything like that? What about for each of you? Next book or job?