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I had a similar situation as you in that my parents pulled me out of school early in elementary school, and I never attended a single day of high school in my life.

Also, ironically, I managed to enter university at age 15, and graduated with full government scholarship and the top GPA in the department despite not having any high school.

But then when I went into the real world, I couldn't make anything happen because I didn't develop social skills due to being locked up at home during my childhood and being locked up in books during university. No life skills = no life success. I spent 4 years being completely unproductive before taking up a no-skill minimum wage job and working myself up from there.

Schooling isn't everything in life. Grades aren't everything. Certificates aren't everything. At one point in my life, I thought that was all I needed. Turns out I was wrong.

I still believe today that schooling isn't necessary to be educated, especially with the information easily accessible from the internet. However, it does help to have some exposure to other people while growing up in order to develop your communication and relationship skills.

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Which country gives better benefits to Native Americans: Canada or USA?