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TrueParadox350 karma

Hello, Mr. Yamauchi. First of all, let me tell you I love Gran Turismo since I was about 10, when I got GT2. I have all the GT games, and my question is very simple: Why is it that many tracks, like Midfield Raceway, Seattle, Red Rock Valley, Smokey Mountain, Thaiti Maze, Grand Canyon, El Capitan, etc are removed from GT6?

They are all original tracks, and they're pretty good. I also feel like there is a lack of rally tracks, when you had such amazing tracks in previous games. And what about Pikes Peak? Thank you, and I hope I can finally forget this doubt that clouds me since GT5. Thank you.

TrueParadox11 karma

Even tough I feel a bit sad because this seems to mean we won't be seeing them again, at least in GT6, I thank you for your time to finally put my doubts to rest. Please keep up the good work - the latest updates to GT6 have been great! :)

TrueParadox9 karma

Yes, I miss it a lot too. What a great track. And it's a shame that they created it and don't put it in recent games. Of course it's good to have new tracks too, but I miss some of the oldies. Probably because I grew up racing in them a lot.