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He's definitely not "financially independent". He's a youth without a family to support or a house to pay for. People value different things in life, and if that includes not owning things, money can go a long way toward other things, like this adventure.

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But, as a shorter answer, the bills supported by McConnell and Romney literally don't do anything but put the legal smoking age up to 21.

The bill won't do anything except the thing the bill is named for and is presumably its main purpose? I don't doubt that there may be something else behind this, but you can't really use this as your evidence.

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He already explained his income is from unskilled labour that is freely available where he lives, so he just gets a new job whenever he returns from an adventure.

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How often do you get to bathe or shower? Do you use natural bodies of water for that? If so, how often do you come alongside/cross rivers and lakes? Do you end up feeling dirty often?

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There's a Japanese KitKat that you put in the oven and it makes a crust.