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I'm a bit older (40s), and didn't see The Brave Little Toaster until my daughter got a copy in the mid-late '90s, but I loved it. A friend (the father of one of my daughter's friends) once described it as "The Wall for kids". I think that description is quite apt.

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My 8 year-old daughter saw both, and thought the iCarly one was superior. Pfff, kids...

EDIT: Though I don't think anyone would take me seriously, in case anyone has, here's a disclaimer: I made that shit up.

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I haven't heard the interview...could you elaborate on what to look out for?

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We just got tickets from Seattle to Florence this way for about $785 round trip by using a strategy like this. Seattle -> Frankfurt (with a layover in Reykjavik), then Frankfurt -> Florence, purchased as separate round-trip tickets.

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Was this question a play on "The Chris Farley Show"?