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Don't you think this cult of success is toxic? Shouldn't we be rather working towards creating a system where people can sustainably follow their passions rather than teaching them to succeed in the current rigged one?

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That's a great answer, thanks. I love your definitions of success, your seven aspirations. I just don't think society at large agrees with them, the main promoted aspiration is get a higher position and make more money, especially in the USA. I think it's super sad, and I'm glad there's people like you promoting other options.

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What I mean is looking to let people do work they enjoy, without focusing on maximising profits. Like, my mum actually enjoys working at a supermarket, she likes talking to clients and being helpful. She makes shit money though. I work with in IT in languages. It's really low paid compared to other areas in the IT sector. I had a talk with a friend recently and he could not comprehend why I would stay in my job, instead of retraining for Scrum or something and making twice the money. I could do it easily, I'm kinda halfway there by virtue of the job I do already, but I don't wanna. I know several wicked clever artists who had to scrimp and scrape and go to great lengths to make it viable as a career. It's all stupid and backwards to me. We're many times more productive than we were 50 years ago, and yet relative to costs of living we earn less, and work more, it's not what it was supposed to be. Why do we still have a 40 hour work week, with all of our automatisation and technological progress? Ridiculous.