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As someone who's been making mail for almost 20 years, I never thought I'd see this headline! I've made everything from rings to haubarks to 'real' riveted mail. One question I'd like to ask, have you ever come across any particular specimens of specific note, a sort of 'ulfberht' of the armor world if you will? What is the most interesting piece of mail you've studied? Also I found it funny reading the comment of which is the best depiction on-screen of mail. There are literally hundreds of examples, but one of the very few you'll find is in 'Kingdom of Heaven'. One of the only times I've seen a character properly maintaining their mail on-screen by rubbing it with olive oil! Thanks for doing this AMA!

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Read this before I read OP user name.. "It wasn't that bad, geeze... oh."

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I applaud and fully support your campaign. Wal mart is becoming a powerhouse of impunity putting a monopoly on all business and crushing 'mom and pop' across the continent. In my hometown I have personally seen the impact of Big Blue in the form of closed privatw business and the arrival of 'smart centers' (plazas of smaller contracted businesses surrounding central Wal Mart Super Centers). Best of luck to you and your cause.