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I'm a web developer. I just sent a message to raszpi about doing this.

DM me for more!

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In the US yachting world, 100 ton is useful. It's fine if you only ever plan on working on US flagged yachts. US flagged yachts tend to be in the minority, though. A huge majority of 'superyacht' class boats are very intentionally flagged outside of the US, and aren't interested in a USCG ticket.

The broader yachting world uses the MCA licensing system since you can have the boat flagged in way more convenient places, and hire crew that isn't american.

Look into doing a YachtMaster course if you are wanting to do this for any significant amount of time.

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That's not what happens. You can still get it in Canada through private treatments. You just have to pay for it, you just have the chance that the health insurance won't. Just like the states

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Fantastic. Talk to you in 2019!