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For those interested in further discussion about vaccine rollout and the challenges being faced, I highly recommend the How to Vaccinate the World podcast.

It’s from BBC Radio so looks at things from a more UK perspective and is no less relevant for the US. It began in mid November.

Ep 1. The beginning

Ep 2. Who gets it?

Ep 3. The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine

Ep 4. The first shots

Ep 5. Vaccine hesitancy

Ep 6. The Vaccine Year Ahead

Ep 7. Bill Gates

Ep 9. Larry Brilliant

Ep 10. The Second Dose

Ep 11. Roll On the Rollout

Ep 12. Vaccination Strategies

Ep 13. Vaccine Nationalism

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Is there consistency across states as to whether or not people are first invited to come forward for the jab if they qualify? Or does a person have to apply for a vaccine first and then they’re assessed as to whether they’re eligible?

I suppose my question is whether there could be people who are considered most vulnerable to Covid but who don’t get vaccinated because they were expected to be pro-active and seek out the vaccine, versus local public health getting in touch with people to say ‘hey, you’re entitled to this vaccine and this is how you can get it etc ‘

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Thank you for your reply.

It is indeed concerning, but not surprising, that the most vulnerable to Covid (the elderly) are also more likely to inadvertently miss out due to, as you say, language barriers, access to technology etc.

Do you think there will be a more concerted effort to catch those falling through the cracks ie. a centralised effort, whether it be at a state level or federal level?

I’m in the UK where, as you’ll know, we have a highly centralised health service. There have been major missteps so far (ie. highest death toll per capita) but on the vaccine Rollout things have gone better - for now. In contrast to the EU (also with highly centralised health systems) who are struggling with vaccine supply. It certainly seems that the USA doesn’t and won’t have vaccine supply issues. I just hope that the highly fragmented US system can deliver a mass public health vaccination programme based on need. It’s more than up to the challenge.