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It was a mercy killing. Six was fascinated with seeing the innocence of the baby (holding one for the first time) and knew that the bombs were going to go off soon, so chose to end the baby's life quickly and painlessly rather than having it suffer during the bombing.

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Thank you.

Voicing EDI was way different than portraying Six. With Mass Effect, there was no script so I had no idea what was going on. I would show up at the studio, head into the booth, put on the headphones and a line would appear on the computer screen and the record button would come on. I'd read it a few times and then another line would appear. Literally the first time I would see a line, and read it, it was being recorded. I really still have no idea what the story is.

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It got a little tiresome by the end of season one/beginning of season two because it was only Head Six in the story at that point. But with my other characters that weren't overly seductive, it balanced out for me.

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I loved the script. Plus it had emmy/oscar nominated headliners (Eddie and Mary). And...I was a brand new actor with almost no credits. With a script that good, it was a no brainer.

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It depending on which Six I was playing. Their previous interactions with humans helped me define what their mindset would be. I'm happy that Gaius and Caprica ended up together. Not sure I would change anything of Ron Moore's vision.