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Meditation sometimes adds to my anxiety. Why does that happen? Because I love meditation but sometimes instead of calming my mind it makes me focus on my anxious feelings and sensations and sends me in a tailspin. How do I avoid that from happening next time I try to meditate? Thanks

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Man are you seriously that good? Wow!! Insightful, conscientious, super funny, compassionate and intelligent. Why the fuck couldn't you be our president?!

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Omg I actually got a response. Thank you so much for taking the time. This means a lot and I will take note of what you’ve written. The other thing that was the problem with me were my palpitations. And it was hard for me to decipher whether anxiety caused my palpitations or if it was the other way round and I suffered immensely for months due to this. Until I finally met a doctor who put me on propranolol ER. That medicine not just took care of my elevated BP but also entirely fixed my palpitations which has been a HUGE steps toward me controlling my anxiety. When I started taking that med I noticed that even if I did get a very anxious thought it didn’t trigger my bad palpitations and racing heart anymore. Which gave me a huge sense of confidence toward battling my situation. And over time the confidence grew and the anxiety went down significantly.

Thank you again for your thoughts on my case. I just wanted to point out about my medicine for anyone else in my shoes who is suffering and unable to distinguish the chicken or the egg between their physical symptoms and anxiety and what comes first.

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Thank you very much for your time. Without the propranolol I was not making too much headway with my anxiety but with the medicine I finally feel normal again. So I wish I could say that mindfulness and meditation helped me but I’m not sure if it did. In any case if my note above can help anyone else in my shoes that would be awesome. And I immensely appreciate your time with responding to me.

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You are absolutely right. And this is also the technique highlighted in a couple VERY important books on anxiety. One is by Dr. Claire Weeks and it is called “Hope and Help for your Nerves” and the other one is by Barry McDonough called “DARE a new approach to end anxiety” (something like that). Both of those books talk about accepting the sensations and feelings and running toward them or floating through them and each time you do so things become that much easier. These booked helped me immensely but I still was living in a bit of fear especially of nocturnal panic attacks. Because when a panic attack happens in the middle of the night when you’re in a sleep state it spirals out of control very quickly because you are semi conscious and not very sharp with deploying all the techniques or clear cognition toward fighting the situation. Therefore it was the Propranolol that helped me immensely take the edge of. It was like a walking stick for the blind.....or like a support that I badly needed to take on this anxiety. It has been a miracle drug for me and now I don’t fear going to bed feeling scared of waking up with palpitations etc.