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Many of those countries pollute to serve US consumption. And often, we literally ship our recycling and trash waste overseas, where lax environmental regulations mean trash is dumped into rivers.

The US has not reduced its pollution. It has outsourced it.

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What are your priorities when captioning a film or show? Are you going for accuracy, or is there some creative license allowed in changing the subtitled text so that it differs from what is spoken?

Is formatting like italics or colouring common? When would they be used?

Do you have a preferred font for subtitles? A preferred colour?

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No, just a realistic view of why countries like China, Singapore, and Indonesia are producing so much greenhouse gases and pollution. They are exporters, and their products are by and large bought by Americans, along with other Western countries.

The amount of greenhouse gas we have exported to other countries by having them make our products greatly exceeds the reduction of greenhouse gases in our own countries. We can't have our cake and eat it to. Cheap, Chinese products that consumers like mean greater pollution.

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Hi, Ashley! Wicked's 2nd National Tour just got you, Kristin Zbornik, John Davidson, and Carrie St. Louis this past month. With the 1st National Tour finishing in March, how long do you think you guys will still be around after March next year? And will the 2nd National Tour cast be taking up the mantle and visiting bigger cities? I hope to see you in Denver next year!