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Ya can't get much more 'murican than Joe Dirt. Always remember his words of wisdom: "It'll buff out."

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I'd think it'd be beneficial to the stores. You stop for fireworks but oh hey there's Walmart, we'll just go in and look (and end up buying something). We went to a grocery store today I normally wouldn't simply because we'd stopped in their lot fire fireworks and also needed food for dinner tonight.

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What meat alternatives for getting complete proteins do you see for individuals like myself who are intolerant to plant based proteins such as soy, and most nuts, beans and legumes?

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Garlic is really bad for dogs, right?

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Well I've been with my introverted husband for nine years. We've decided just recently that separation is probably the best course of action in the future (neither of us want to make such a large decision right now, in the midst of the world being on pause and both of us being depressed about it).