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This policy or thesis isn't applied equally so you don't have a general knowledge encyclopedia. Instead, you have that with the editor's pet topics bolted on to the side. And before you disagree with me, explain to me why List of Pokémon (650–718) is allowed to exist. This seems like content ripe for a specialist wiki.

Edit: can't figure out how to make a link with a parenthesis at the end work.

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PHP and Javascript both do for typed comparisons.

0 != false; // false
0 !== false; // true

It might have been an accident, but it is a cool usage given that orgasms (physical reaction) and sexual satisfaction (emotion) aren't the same type of thing, even though some people interpret them as being equal.

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There's a number of hospitals in my area; how should I go about deciding which to visit in case of an emergency? I mean, in a serious case, I imagine the ambulance would take me, but if I were to, for example, step on a nail, where do I go? I imagine this is something I should know/decide before stepping on a nail.