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TranquilAlpaca31 karma

What about a rebate on returned containers so that they can be reused? I’m not Canadian and I don’t even know what these containers look like, I just happened upon this, but a few US states do rebates on returning plastic bottles (it’s like 5c per bottle in Hawaii). Do you think that the same concept could be applied to these containers? Or if not a rebate, some other incentive to return bottles so that manufacturers can reuse them

TranquilAlpaca3 karma

Not Canadian, but I live in CA where we have pretty similar edible laws except our limit is per container and not per serving, so it’s 100mg per container and usually comes in 10mg increments I personally have never had an issue with 10mg gummies lmao, I just wish that I could buy a bag of 100 instead of only 10 in a tin because I use them pretty much every day lol