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YES! I have a campatch card on every webcam. It doesn't stop the spying on the audio side but it stops the visual spying

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this is a great question! and you are not "average" - you are great for asking a question! yes, (1) have more than 1 email address and separate your social media accounts on 1 email address vs. your online banking / confidential transactions (2) consider using 2 factor auth for ALL accounts (that's usually a code texted to your smart phone (3) get a google voice # and use that online vs. your real cell phone number (4) consider using encrypted apps such as threema or signal (5) and NEVER click on links even from people you know without checking them out first on a tool like virus total (free)

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Thanks for asking! The Princess Bride is an all time favorite of mine but it's hard to compete with Monty Python's Holy Grail.

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(1) digital devices should stay out of private spaces; (2) keep the operating systems, browsers, and other software as up to date as you can b/c updates often include new security/privacy patches

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It depends. If you are interesting they would probably spy on you a lot. If you have a cover on your camera they may go away. It's hard to understand the digital creeps that do this stuff. We worked a case where a male college student left his devices around in girls' dorm rooms and then would spy on them while they slept, studied, got dressed. When pressed by the college, he didn't have a good reason for it...but then again there's not one.