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I'd like to add a few points:

-There is no exciting marketing campaign for vegetables; fruits are not a brand and don't look like anyone's favourite cartoon character or come with a toy. Meanwhile, that crap can. Junk food is cheap to produce so they've got the £$¥ for effective advertising. If they can get you hooked, they've got you for life. That's a huge incentive to get into the minds of your lil ones. Most major brands from sodas to cars have advertisements that target an audience of 4-6 year olds since they are susceptible to new information, are still forming their personality and preferences, and are involved in major household decisions. [https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PRnHRng5bB4- its an awesome lecture that also discusses infant brand recognition and the marketing of social cues to kids]. That age group also marks the age in which peer pressure emerges- since those junk foods are marketed as cool and the kids that have them feel cool, there is an incentive for other kids to follow suite.

-Restaurants often choose meals kids won't cause a scene about. Parents often let it slide, call it a treat and tell them to be on their best behaviour. [my friend who's a ny chef told me. He's worked in taco joints and now a michelin star restaurant]

-Sugar has a lot of cravings and addictive properties. I'm going to start paraphrasing:: When you are about to eat a cookie your body has to prepare for incoming sugar deposit by extracting glucose from the blood. This action usually increases the craving (and the crankiness when you take the cookie away). When the first bite is taken dopamine levels increase and satisfaction signals turn on in the brain as the sugar returns to the system. [i heard the most comprehensive description of this in the willpower instinct around chapter 5]

-The crunch factor found in a bunch of junk is very satisfying to our mouths but is difficult to emulate with healthy alternatives.

-Often those junk foods are even worse than you think for your child due to the mislabeling (this is why food truths is so important). For example mini wheats has a study they reference on their box- kids focus x% better in school after they eat a bowl. But the study is compared to kids who ate no breakfast at all. Wtf. [http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/05/30/187330235/no-frosted-mini-wheats-don-t-make-your-kids-smarter]

Here are some of my suggestions for you: -get rocket or other fun popsicle molds and fill them with juice and smoothies you make. They taste YUMMY, look fun and bright and are cheaper.

-My friend's little one loves loves spinach because of popeye and carrots because of bugs bunny. There are some healthy eating cartoon characters out there.

-Call the restaurant ahead of time (same day) to request a healthier kids meal. This is a suggestion from my chef friend.

-For that crunchy crunch: beet chips, kale chips, bacon, onions (they taste quite sweet especially if you add a dash of balsamic, mmmmm)

-When you make mash potatoes: add cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, cheese, a lil cinnamon and coriander. Holy yum.

-Add sesame seeds, ginger and coconut milk to quinoa. It's so healthy and creamy.

-Make seasoned fruits an adventure. Pluots are a new plum variety with a dinosaur sticker. I remember my parents getting me in lychee, passion fruit and kiwi. Cool colours, flavours, fun to eat. Go apple or berry picking- often those farms have other kiddie activities as well.

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Do do you cultivate brown fat? And how do you know you have cultivated brown fat when the doctor you mentioned said the procedure to test for it is unethical.