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I cannot tell you how much we appreciate this comment. Local newspapers are struggling all across America. Many have shut down. Hundreds of communities have no local watchdog holding people accountable, exposing corruption and celebrating the stories of the people who live in their communities. Society needs journalism -- local journalism most of all. We are trying our best to continue the legacy of local journalism in this new era of smaller staffs, fewer resources and tons of people who try to label journalists as enemies for the simple fact we expose truth.

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Nope I have never experienced violence. But the church did publish an issue of its Freedom Magazine one day after our story ran. It included an article criticizing my reporting from 2017 about David Miscavige's downtown revitalization plan. It was full of false statements and characterizations. Interestingly it did not acknowledge the recent purchases ,....

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Yes our newspaper has written extensively about this. See the links at the bottom of Sunday's investigation - it links to the Tampa Bay Times 2009 Truth Rundown series. it is must-read journalism.




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Thanks so much for reading -- Scientology's cash stockpile is from the money it charges for courses, auditing and services; and large donations. Many members are very wealthy. Scientology pressures its members to make donations for Scientology expansion. There are members who donate many millions. I have many more questions about Scientology's finances though and other sources of income.

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You are so appreciated, thank you for your support!!!