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I can't imagine it is easy, but what is daily life like for someone that has this? Do you have a normal job? Hobbies? Friends? Etc.

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As someone who also wants to escape my corporate job and start my own thing, how the hell do you do that and not go broke immediately? I got bills yo.

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Hi Gilbert, thanks for doing this!

In 2011, you got into a bit of trouble with some tweets that were seen as offensive after the Tsumani in Japan and the ensuing tragedy that caused.

How did that affect your career moving forward? How did it affect you in your personal relationships? Do you feel that some people are still holding that against you? Have you been able to recover from it?

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Hi Beto,

While I agree that we have too many guns in America, how would you plan to enforce a mandatory buyback program for assault rifles without having government troops kicking in doors? Isn't that EXACTLY why "gun nuts" have their guns? To prevent the government from kicking in their doors at night?

Why not a voluntary buyback with a huge incentive?

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Georgian here. Where do you stand on the BDS movement and its 1st Amendment implications?