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From my limited knowledge of Bubba from his stint on Sirius and Howard Stern, it seems like Bubba makes a habit out of holding hard grudges. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that they had bad blood over something stupid.

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You need to make yourself familiar with Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Once you do, find yourself a pair of his awesome glasses (visor?) and make that part of your routine. You will then be 90's rad and completely tubular. Good luck with the tour and tell NYC hello for me. Last time I visited was for a Presidents of the United States show.

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It seems the popular statement in America is, "If (insert politician's name) is elected, I'm moving to Canada." Is there an actual increase in citizenship requests or are all of these people full of empty promises? My personal experience is that all of my friends are still living in the United States and have seemed to forget about their statements.

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Hmm... then they aren't all full of hot air. Just glad that Americans aren't all full of empty promises. Gives me hope for our future. Anyway, love your country and maybe one day I can remember to switch to the Metric system when I cross the border and stop wondering why I am passing everyone.