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i like to say that I only grew up in LA part time. My mother lived in Sacramento, my dad in LA, so while I was in LA quite a bit going up, Sacramento is really where I am from...it's my home town. So, I knew there was more to life than...whatever the hell LA offers...

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The show was a hard one to shoot: long hours, lots of stunts, tough climate at times (texas in the summer is nothing to scoff at) but we did have such a fun time on that show. I have never been closer with a crew than on that show....

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once I read that first script, I knew it was going to something that could stand on its own, but I also knew that it was going to be up the audience if they wanted to come along for the ride. I'm glad they did. I am glad I did too

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always love doing CBB. I'm sure another Earwolf show is in my future