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I see what you did there.

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Whoa. When I turned 18 the family lawyer, at a social occasion, gave me a reminder that when I went off to college that a statement made in good faith was the key to being clear on this. Different state of course.

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Is there any way a non-Texan can view this? Link?

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Hi Macklemore, thanks for the AMA!

My question stems from a Rolling Stone interview I'd read last year where you talked about the challenge of staying sober with how life was changing. So, how's it going? Is that pressure still there, or is it diminished?

Thanks for being human, much love to you. I'm about to hit the road for triathlon training and have The Heist be my soundtrack for the thousandth time.

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Whatever might be up, highs or lows and no puns intended, as a fan of your art I recognize that you're still human. I don't expect you to be a superhero, and it would be ridiculous to hoist that burden on anyone. If things are good, I'm happy for you; if they're challenging right now, you've got my thoughts as you weather that storm. Best wishes, and one day at a time!