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Totally_Jelly_Donuts355 karma

Companies that have all the cool shit on campus out in the building are trying to make sure you don't leave, I've heard. Tears down the necessary work/life separation people need. Hopefully zynga are cool about people going home on time.

Totally_Jelly_Donuts5 karma

I spent about 5 years in Japan myself, working (not a teacher), and always kinda lamented that tourists who've been there for 2 weeks see more than I have in 2 years. Moved overseas for the time being, will remedy that when I get back, and your stories really do kinda kick me in the butt to get on that, no excuses.

My question: Did you get your permanent residency? I heard from a friend after 4 or 5 years you can apply and get it... I hadn't even thought of it before I left, I simply relinquished my Alien Registration card (didn't get the new one) and will let my visa run out... kinda wondering if I shot myself in the foot.