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I make candy for Christmas. Whenever I try to cover something with chocolate it goes cloudy when it cools and/or doesn't set properly. I've triple checked the temperature, melt the chocolate in a water bath.

Why am I failing?!?

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Thanks! That is the best description of tempering I've heard.

I won't give up then! I do love all the magic one can do with chocolate. Last time I filled it with marzipan drenched with Southern Comfort. Looked horrible but tasted delicious!

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Oh, please answer this question:

I really, really want to do what you're doing. I'm selling everything this summer and will either sail like you or just rent a place in CR.

I love sailing, but for the most part have done so in fjords or bays. I've done all the ASA courses. Then somebody got in my head (damn him). "You've never done an ocean passage, and now you want to sail around the world?! The risk of it! You're mad! And you'll be terribly lonely. You'll give it up after max a year."

Please help me get over this and make the leap! Any good advice?

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Thanks! Which Captain Dwyer was at the helm when you cast off?

Do you get bored a lot? Do you have a boat with all mod cons like TV, Xbox, etc or did you opt for the simpler life?

Roughly how much time is active sailing and how much is anchored up and exploring?

Do you bring crew for ocean passages?

Sorry, I have a million Q's